Priyanka shares hilarious clips of hubby Nick

Actress Priyanka Chopra recently shared a mash up video of husband Nick Jonas' latest number 'Cool'. Priyanka shared a hilarious video of Nick performing to 'Cool' with 90s Bollywood actor Govinda's 'Meri Pant Bhi Sexy.' The Dulaara song has quirky lyrics which has the protagonist listing items he is sporting as 'sexy.'


Nick Jonas' smooth groove on 'Cool' seem a perfect match for this funny number. The Jonas Brothers released their second comeback single on 5 April. But unlike their first song 'Sucker', the second music video did not feature Priyanka Chopra or Joe Jonas’ fiancee Sophie Turner.


After their disbandment in 2013, The Jonas Brothers reunited for the song this year. 'Sucker' has received widespread praise and has garnered above 4 million likes and 97 million views. 'Cool', on the other hand, presently stands at more than 12 million views and is just shy of a million likes on YouTube.