Psychic Cat Predicts Opening 2018 World Cup Game

Achilles was offered two bowls of food, one next to Russia’s flag and the other next to Saudi Arabia’s. He was placed on a table, and deliberated before eating the one by Russia’s flag. Officials say the cat is deaf; therefore he wouldn’t be swayed by people calling out to him.


As well as Russia’s first match, Achilles will make predictions for all games played in St. Petersburg. “He will make his predictions the morning of the game. For breakfast, we’ll put two identical bowls in front of him with cat food and a little flag of the countries playing,” Kondratyeva said.


He also predicted match winners during the 2017 Confederations Cup  and was correct every time. Achilles isn’t the first psychic animal. Paul the octopus in Germany accurately chose the winners of each match he predicted in the 2010 World Cup. Watch video to know more...