Railway in Chinese city Chongqing is routed through block of flats

Here in the video we can see a light railway track that has been built to go through a hole in a residential 19-storey building in China. This has definitely solved the spaces issue in the city of Chongqing in the south east of the country. It has the population of 49 million and the area of the place is just 1,000 square miles. This was a very creative way to solve the problem and utilize the space. A special railway station was built into the block of houses, set into the sixth to eighth floors.

We live in the 21st century, a world of technology and invention. The world has conquered a lot o development and it has always experience victory and progress. The people of the 21st era are very smart and practical for them nothing is impossible and everything can be conducted though science.

  In this world of technology, the most important thing is human desire and their thoughts. Once they think of something and then no power on this earth can withdraw their plans and no one can stop them doing what they want. The world has developed a lot and people are also very advanced. From the Stone Age to the modern age people have experience a lot of difference. This is a way of living and life, series of things go changing and people get adopted though the changes.  


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