Rajendra Mahato challenges govt to hold local polls

Chairman of Sadbhawana Party Rajentra Mahato has challenged the government to conduct local unit election in Madhesh. Addressing a program organized in the Capital City on Tuesday, Mahato said that the major three political parties can't protect the constitution.

He warned that if the government tries to conduct the election in Madhesh, then there will be war and uprising. He requested Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal to come to him with an open heart if he wants to conduct the elections. He accused that PM Dahal was dishonest to them in the name of solving problems.

Chairman Mahato also told that there is no good environment to conduct local election because of the government itself. Sadbhawana Party along with Madheshi parties have already declared to boycott the poll salted for May 14 and have also announced different protest programs against the elections.