Raju Lama recalls his life in USA

Here in the video we have an exclusive interview with singer Raju Lama.  He is one of the most liked singers. He rose to fame as a main vocalist of pop band Mangolian Heart. They have very popular songs like Parkhaima Mai, Mero Nepal, Halla Chalecha and many more.


The singer was living in USA for a long time now and he is in Nepal to celebrate the 25 years of their band Mangolian Heart. For this they are organizing a concert in which they will be performing their popular songs. In the video we can see him talk about his personal life and many more things.


He shares his living in US and tells that it is his compulsion. He also says that they don't have a good family life like here in Nepal. He also shares about his band and talks about completing 25 years. Watch video to know more..