Ramesh and Bipana to do a film together !

Here in the video we have an exclusive interview with veteran actress Bipana Thapa and actor Ramesh Upreti. Bipana Thapa is one of the most popular actresses of a time.  Ramesh Upreti also returned from USA after living there for more than a decade. He also made a movie called Aishwarya which did well in Box Office.


They both worked together in many movies.  Bipana is currently not active in movies since she is living in Delhi with her family. She married a doctor in Delhi and is happily living there with a son and husband.


She is here in Nepal for some visit. In the video they talk about the time they had while they shoot together. They have shared screen in many movies. They also talked about the present status of movies and talked about the actresses of current time. Watch video to know the video in more detail..