Reality behind this viral photo of social media

There were many such photos on social media which became popular immediately after they are uploaded. For many years, memes has kept the mind of the people alive. One of the kid’s photos was very viral, from memes to people. People also used this photo as their profile photo.

But, the truth behind this photo is a little emotional. Yes, behind this beautiful photo is the pain of a wife, whose husband needed a lot of money for the treatment. But this photo changed the luck and this child became the star from this photo.
The name of this child is Sammy Greener, who lives in Jacksonville, Florida.

When he was 11 months old, his photos were clicked by his mother, Lani Greener. These photos are still seen scrolling on Facebook. They posted these photos on Flickr. From there, these photos became quite viral. Now, this child has been 11 years old.

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