Recipe to make Gajar Haluwa

Here in the video we have an easy recipe to make Gajar Ko Haluwa. It is a very easy recipe of sweet and everyone loves to eat this. It is made by placing grated carrot in a pot containing a specific amount of water, milk and sugar and then cooking while stirring regularly.


It is often served with a garnish of almonds and pistachios. The nuts and other items used are first sautéed in ghee, a South Asian clarified butter.Here are the necessary ingredients to make delicious Gajar ko Halwa: 400g Grated Carrots, 1 cups Milk, 4 tsp Ghee, 1/4 cup sugar, 3-4 pcs Cardamom Pods, 1 sp Chopped Almond,


1 sp Raisin. Now let's start. First heat ghee in a pan at high heat and add cardamom and stir it for 5 sec. Then add grated carrot and stir it for two minutes. Add sugar and stir it and cook it until sugar dissolves nicely. Now, add milk and stir it continuously so that carrot does not get stick at the bottom.