Rekha Thapa is mad with media !

Actress and film maker Rekha Thapa has confessed that her ex husband Chhabi Ojha is already married to actress Shilpa Pokhrel. She has written an article in which she has mentioned that two have got married two years ago and despite of that she is still linked with her ex husband.  


These things are bothering her and she insist them to talk about their relationship instead of dragging her in.  actress is also popular for her alleged affair with Film Maker Chhabi Ojha.  The couple grabbed the news headline when the movie maker Ojjha said that he is going to get married with Shilpa.


 Some said that it was their plan for the publicity of movie. During that time their movie was all set to release and many said that it was just a publicity stunt. Well, there are many occasion when the two have openly accepted about their feeling for each other. Watch video to know more… 

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