Rohingyas entering Nepal from India

In 2039 BS, many Bhutanese refugee entered Nepal via India. They were chased away from India. They allowed them to enter Nepal but did not allow them to go back to Bangladesh via India. India denied to help those refugees and got re-settled in other third countries from Nepal.

The problem of Bhutanese refugee is still not solved in Nepal. However, Rohingya Muslim refugees from Myanmar have started entering Nepal. They have entered Nepal from India. They had entered India from Bangladesh.
There are about 400 Rohingyas in Kathmandu. It is believed that they came to Nepal three years ago and they are staying in Kapan.

There are about 90 camps in Kapan. The refugees have been making camps for their relatives who are yet to arrive in Nepal. According to one of the Rohangya, more than 100 refugees have arrived in Kathmandu in the last 2 to 3 month and the number will be increased in the coming days.

India has supported Myanmar government for their treatment against Rohangya refugee. There are still 40000 Rohangya refugees in India. The Indian government has already announced that they would chase all the Rohangya refugees from India. It is also believed that they would also enter Nepal.

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