Rooftop Farming in China

China is popular worldwide for the new inventions. Similarly, this time, China made everyone shock by inventing some new things which was beyond the imagination. Local people of Jintai Village located near Guangyan, Sichuan Province has started to crop plants in their roofs by the help of the government.

Crops are planted on the roofs of the houses in Jintai Village that lies in China's Sichuan Province. The homes were designed by Rural Urban Framework as a possible solution for accommodating people affected by natural disasters. Jintai village is one of the village worst affected by the devastating Wenchuan Earthquake of 2008.

This area was also suffered floods and landslides in 2011, which destroyed many of the rebuilt homes. With support from the local government and NGOs, Rural Urban Framework developed an architectural solution that provides appropriate accommodation for people who suddenly find themselves homeless following such destructive events.

Now, with the great effort of the local people of Jintai village and the support and new invention of government, this place has been one of the model village in the world.

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