Samragyee hot photos going viral

Nepali actress Samragyee Rajya Laxmi (RL) Shah is currently in Australia for the premiere of her second movie ‘A Mero Hajur 2’. Actress turned director Jharana Thapa and gorgeous actress Samragyee RL Shah have been in Austraklia for their movie.

Earlier when she was spot at Tribhuvan International Airport when they were going to Australia at that time, Samragyee said, this Australia tour is very important to her career as this is the first such foreign tour for her. The movie produced and directed by another well known actress, Jharana Thapa, was well received by the viewers at home. A sequel of a successful movie ‘A Mero Hajur’ features new artists although they are both produced by the same team.

The screening of the movie have already held in Sydney of Australia and the dress Samragyee wore at the event was gone viral as she was looking so much attractive and hot in transparent red dress. And nopw again her photos of Australia is being viral. Recently she has posted some of photos in bikini at a sea which is going viral.

In the pictures, Samragyee is seen in bikini which is helping her too look more attractive, hot and S@xy. She had worn blue and white combined spotted bikini and is enjoying her day in sea with debut director of the movie Jharana Thapa and also can seen with a guy.