Sandeep Chettri Comedy

Sandeep Chhetri is one of the most talented and prominent rising comedian. He is mostly known for his best show 'What the Flop' that features on Kantipur Television. He there entertains the audience with his caricature roles and funny imitating activities.

His shows mainly satires the Nepal's political leaders and their works and also it gives a clear concept about how their internal trend are. Besides he seems to be one of the trending Comedian of Nepal and people believe that in the nearer future to come he would be seen as one of the top comedian in the world.

He has also given his roles in some of the great movies of like 'How Funny', 'Red Monsoon' and 'Woda Number 6'. This good looking actor or say comedian post his short movies in YouTube and popular movie director hire him for such kind of jokes in the Youtube channel.

In Nepal many people believe that success comes from the heart not from the the hope. Which is here meant to say that the success is from your dedication your wish and your believe in your works. It doesn't need to come from your family background or your family. Same is his case in Sandeep Chhetri conditions.

In this program, too we can see the comedy of Sandeep Chhetri where he had satire from sport person to a political leaders. Indirectly Sandeep had said that the leaders are not being able to do anything for sports field and those sport people.  

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