Sperm Donation Prank - Nepali Prank

There are various ways to entertain people and as we all know its very difficult thing to make laugh any people through your activities and speaking power. There is even a saying that it's easy to make cry to people but it's really very hard to make someone laugh.

There are lots of entertainment shows all around the nation. In Nepal too these days there are several shows as well as prank videos that entertains the people and makes them giggle. And here too, we are presenting you one prank video named as Sperm Donation Prank.

We can see in the video prankster Ashish is picking up the strangers walking on the street and has been asking sperm with them. Prankster asks to stop for while with the strangers and introduce himself as a science student and he is in Butwal for research.

He is given a task to collect sperm from the people for the donation so he asks to donate their sperm to him in a public places/ open places. He even tries to convince them for donating sperm as their donation or support would help in near future to produce baby.

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