Taxi driver misbehave with journalists

Taxi drivers have been cheating people by taking more fare than fixed by the government. They refuse to go on a meter. Even though they go in meter on few instances, they tamper with meters and charge the customers haphazardly. Many citizens have complained of being cheated by the cabbies running in the Capital City.

To control the cheating of taxi drivers, the government of Nepal had decided to start computerized billing system in taxis. This system was implemented from Poush 17, 2073. It was said that computerized billing system would be fitted in 500 taxis in a week. But, it has been two months since the decision was taken, but only 900 taxis have kept computerized billing system.

Even after the computerized billing system, people are unable to get proper services from the taxis in the Valley. They still do not agree to go to the places that people want.

A team of News 24 had requested a taxi driver to go to Lazimpat, but the taxi driver said that he would only to Bus Park. Then, the team told the driver that he should go to the places where the people want, but the driver hit the camera and drove away.

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