Taxis for earthquake victims

Ministry of Physical Infrastructure and Transport had decided to provide 1500 taxis to the earthquake victims of 14 districts. The Department of Transportation has distributed 1500 taxis to earthquake victims of 14 districts on Ashadh 7, 8 and 9 through lottery system.

The Department of Transportation told that those 1500 distributed taxis for the earthquake victims would only be registered in their own name. The earthquake victims who have got taxi, needs to register their name from Sunday onward. The department has given 6 months ultimatum to register the taxi in their name. The number plate of the taxi would be cancelled if the victim does not come to register the taxi in their name.

From the 14 districts 1 lakh 49 thousand earthquake victims had filled the form for getting taxi. But only 1500 taxi were distributed by the government. The distribution of taxi was done by lottery basis. After there were high numbers of form, the government has decided to distribute the taxi numbers through lottery system.

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