Teacher beaten up

Students from Bihar's Araria district have been beaten up by students of pornogr@phy on a mobile phone by a student accused of sexu@lly assaulting them on Wednesday. During the beating, the teacher started running away. Angry students scared and ran Students also sabotaged school

The incident is being told that Dijdani High School's teacher Dilshad Ahmad used to call the girl at night and she used to do obscene talk.

The girl told this to the family. After which the families reached the school on Wednesday. As soon as the other students got to know this thing, they started ruckus. During this time many student leaders also reached and all beating the accused teacher.

Students locked up all the rooms in the school and subdued. Students broke several chairs of this school. Farbisganj Police, arrested on the information of the incident, arrested the accused teacher Dilshad. In front of the police, the teacher told him innocent.

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