Teacher raped 14 YO student and gave birth to his baby

A Melbourne woman has been jailed for having $*x with a 14 year old boy multiple times, resulting in her giving birth to the victim's son. The woman was very cruel and had forced him onto it for so long.

The 36 year old took advantage of the boy, who was her daughter's close friend, by giving him alcohol when he came over and having $*x with him without contraception.
A brief investigation was done on the matter after the boy filed a complaint was against her in 2015 but she denied her offending until she gave birth to the victim's son.

A DNA sample taken from the baby matched with the teenage boy, confirming that he was the father and a victim of sexual abuse. The poor boy finally got the justice after welcoming a baby with that woman unknowingly. The poor boy had no idea of the baby until the DNA matched with him.


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