The luckiest dog of the world

A 38 YO Dasha Sebelova and 47 YO her husband Rostislav Sebelova fom Brno, share their house with 18 dogs, who are all treated like royalty. As the pups kick back and relax with their paws poised ready to be clipped, Dasha makes her way down the line, clipping their nails.

The master of dog says that the dogs are like her other children so she can't help but pamper them a little too much. She is also strict with them at the same time though. The five of them spend most of their time together and are never apart.

She calls them the "Bulldog squad. She thinks bulldogs are the funniest dogs in the world. When they're all together they're always getting up to mischief. They can be lazy when they want to be. She says she can't even imagine her life without them.  When she does their manicure they enjoy it a lot.


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