Torrential rain triggers floods in Bhaktapur

Bhaktapur and Madhyapur areas have become waterlogged due to the flooding caused by the swollen Hanumante khola rivulet following torrential rain last night  Settlements including the temporary camp sheltering the earthquake victims at local Jagati and Barahisthan have been inundated.


Similarly, settlements at Radhe Radhe and the Kamerotar land pooling project in Madhyapur Thimi have also become waterlogged. Local residents have not been able to come out of their houses as hundreds of houses have been inundated since midnight on Wednesday.


Natural calamities are something to which no human can get away without tacking it. It is by the nature and a person only can do is wait and have passion. The entire stretch from Radhe Radhe to Nikosera has been inundated.


Water level has accumulated up to four feet from the land surface, forcing the shops and stores to close. Likewise, areas on both sides of the Araniko highway from Chardobato to the way leading to Balkot are waterlogged in Madhyapur Thimi.