Two swindlers land in police net

A shocking news has emerged out from India. We have been mostly hearing that boys have been trapping the girls in love and blackmailing them. But, it has been come to light that two girls in the Indian State of Punjab used to trap the boys, get closer to them and blackmail them for money.

These two girls look very beautiful. But, don’t go by their looks. They have trapped man boys in their trap and have also blackmailed them.

According to police, the two girls at first used to develop relationship with boys and then used have private moments with them. They used to record the private moments with them. After recoding the private moments, the girls used to blackmail the boys and if they didn’t provide with the desired amount, the girls used to file a case of rape against the boys at the law enforcement agency.

Indian media reports have said that they have already jailed six youths on the false rape charges.

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