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Rachana Dhakal, Janaury, 03,2016( –There are various fields for presenting your experience, feeling, and your hidden talents. Movie is also an important way for presenting your talents, feelings, situation of the society. Comedy video is a dramatic situation presented in a absurd way which reflect real picture of society. Various situations is express logically in comedy video.


There are different companies established in the market. Some companies are able to present popular presentation. Publishing presentation must fulfill people`s demand. An example of popular presentation can be described below:


Here is a Nepali comedy video” khas khus” which present people`s behavior in our locality dramatically. This Video entertains people much with their dramatic situations.  The main casts starring in this video are sandesh lamichanne battare, Wilson bikram rai takme budo, sunita gautam muiya, sita devi ghimire,  Ajaya regmi and so on. All the khaus khus team creates laughter riot and makes people laugh. This video has no any bad intension to satire any group of people. This video motto is just to entertain people with their dramatic comedy.

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