Watch the full episode of Khaskhus

"Khaskhus" is a Nepali comedy serial presented by the Aama Agni Kumari Media. We can see Sandesh Lamichhane as Battare, Yaman Shrestha as Man Madsab, Sunita Gautam as Muiya, Aruna Karki as Taruni and Sita Devi Ghimire. Today's episode starts with Muiya and her brother.

Muiya was sitting and taking sun bath when her brother comes towards her. He asks her some money and she gives him Rs 10. He gets mad at her since she gave him just Rs 10, she tells him that he asked for some money so she gave him what she had. The guy tells her that he is planning to go abroad so he needs a lot of money for it.

When she asked him how much he needs, he told her that he needs some 3 lakh for the procedure. She then planned to take loans from few people.  Sita comes running towards Man Madsab, she asks him to get up and go to factory to sell the chips.

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