When student slapped back to teacher

Teaching is a reputable and challenging profession. But sometimes it is difficult to handle many students’ especially young students. An incident of classroom was captured in cc camera which was not a normal thing.

This video is posted in a social site of China. In the video, a student was slapped by a teacher. The incident was not a small matter and it does not end here. The video shows that the teacher was allegedly scolding a girl for her poor behavior.

The girl gets upset with the teacher and provokes to slap her by pointing to her face.

The quarrel increases between two of them and the teacher slaps the girl. After the slap, what the girl did was surprising. She also instantly slapped the teacher. In a few moments, the situation worsens and the other students separate them. It is not clear that where the video belongs to in China. This video has received more than 2 million views.

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