Who is guilty in LED bulb purchase case ?

Nepal has finally become a load-shedding free country due to the efforts of Kulman Ghising and his team. NEA has decided to bring 20 million qualitative LED bulbfrom India. Ghising was blamed that he was trying to corrupt a huge amount of money by purchasing LED bulbs from India. He and his team has not accepted those allegation.

Balram Baniya was the journalist who told that there was a game of commission to bring Led bulbs from India. According to the rule, government needs to issue global tender at the first stage. Government can break this rule if there is critical condition or single supplier of the product.

The LED bulbs are going to brought from Energy Efficiency Service Limited (EESL) of India. The company has told that the price agreed for Nepal is equal to the rate charged to their citizens. The company would sell those bulbs to NEA at the rate of INR 65 (NPR 104) per bulb.

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