Who prevented development of Humla?

Humla is a remote district of Nepal. It lies in mid- western Development Region and belong karnali Zone. District headquarter Simikot is situated at 2890 m altitude this is the highest altitude placed district headquarter of Nepal. Politically Humla district is divided into 9 areas and 27 VDCs and one constituency.

Humla is one of the most popular of tourist area for trekking. Many nationals and internationals tourists are come and get lots of adventure experience in their life. The remote district is the starting point of many adventure trips. Trekking, mountaineering and more Simikot is the hub to start trekking from here.

The trekking route to Tibet also starts from Simikot. Simikot trek is famous trekking for wilderness experience. The district is the border of Nepal and China.

In this remote district have just only 50 thousands populations but more than half populations are still depriving from their basis needs. In Humla many sector are must be develop like Herbal, water source, and tourism and it have lots of probability to develop this district even to help increase their good life. But still this district deprive from National Social Road Department. They have many possibilities to develop but why they are always staying in remote shadow? And it’s a mutually question for us and a great question mark towards Nepal government.

Here on TV show 'Sajha Sawal' interacts and debate with local people and some senior person in this district. Elected officials and the jungles of Drinking Water and Sanitation (Nepali Congress) MP Jeevan Bahadur Shahi, CPN-UML leader gorakhabahadura Bogati and the central leadership of the Maoist headquarters Simikot in Humla karnajita budhathoki.

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