Who put on masks on statues?

Kathmandu is the world's seventh most polluted city in the world. Kathmandu valley has become very dusty since road expansion. In addition, due to digging of road for the pipelines of Melamchi Khane Paani, Kathmandu Valley has become more polluted. The pollution has seriously affected the health of the people.

The students of Pashupati Campus studying in bachelor third year has started raising their voice against the pollution of Nepal. They have put on the mask to the status of Kathmandu valley. This campaign is unique way of protesting. They have started this campaign so that the concerned authority of government will take necessary decisions to decrease the pollution. Before this campaign, the students had started distribution of mask to the people. After that, they started putting mask on the status.

The department of Melamchi Khane Paani told that, only 15 percent of the total pollution of Kathmandu valley is due to the activities of Melamchi Khane Paani.The digging of pipelines has not only increased the pollution. It has increased the number of road accident.

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