Why do American famer make hole in cow's stomach?

In the present context, the trend of organic farming is increasing in most of the countries. The farmers have adopted different types of methods to do farming in a long run. Currently, the farmers of America are using new technology. They make a hole in the stomach of cows. The reason behind making a hole in the stomach is very surprising. It is done to increase life expectancy of the cows.

According to scientists, it is very difficult to study the inside organs of the cows and by making a hole in the stomach makes it easy for them to find out the diseases and study digestion system of the cows. After making a hole, the hole is closed by a plastic ring.

This method is used because it does not create any problems for the cows. There are also many people who have criticized this method. A cow cannot move for 4 to 6 weeks due to difficulties. The critics have also told that this method is opposite of Animal Welfare Act.

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