Woman killed husband and his lover after learning about their affair

Today's crime story is about a woman named Radhika. She used to work in a company where she met a man called Asar. She was living with her parents and was the only daughter of them. They did everything to make her happy and did like what he wanted. They moved to Mumbai to fulfill her dream. She fell in love with Asar.

He was a Muslim and she was Hindu so her parents were not happy about their relationship. They didn't agree for their marriage but she was not ready to leave him as well. So she left them and married that man who was already married. She knew everything about him, she knew that he was married and had a son from his first wife. But she didn’t acre anything about it and just got married with him.  They started living together far from all. Crime story is the crime program that has been broadcasted from the Sony Television.

The main motto of the program is to create awareness among the people about ongoing crime and how this are being the part of society. The program is created to wake people and let them know how the people are being the victim of many things and how innocent people are paying back for so many things.

The program also helps people to know about the crime that takes place in unknown. And above all the main aim of the program is to make people know about the police and their incredible job too. It also ends with a lesson that no one should try to take the law and their work in their hand.

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