Woman murdered in Bara

In Bara, a woman named Babita was murdered. Her husband and uncle's son were arrested by the district police. Her husband name was Amendra Kumar Pandit and the name of her uncles’ son was Gyanendra Pandit.

The district police arrested them from their home located in Sarlahi on Wednesday. The police had arrested them on Chaitra 26 for the investigation of the murder.

Babita always had a fight with her husband Amendra Kumar Pandit. She had also reported in the police and demanded safety against her husband. Her own brother accepted that he killed his own sister after his sister’s husband showed him financial greed. Her brother also accepted that he had taken one lakh cash as an advance from his sister’s husband and 2 lakh after the murder.

The death body of Babita was found in the edge of Siga river in Bara. Her dead body was packed in a sack. Her dead body was found on Chaitra 13.

The police told that Babita was killed in her brothers’ room. He called her making a excuse of his birthday. The police have been coordinating with the police of India to catch other suspects who were involved in the murder.

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