World Famous Conjoined Twins Turn 18

Story of a two conjoined twins Shivram and Shivanath age 18 from Chhattisgarh, India.

Living a life with one hand is complex but while a conjoined twins who have 4 hands and 2 legs in one body, is living their life with no regrets and claims their circumstance as a "God's Gift.". The twins love riding their bicycle and help each other in their daily routine. They share a stomach, but have half separated lungs, hearts and personalities.

They were approached by many doctors to get surgery to get separated but they denied it. People get surprised as they arrive to their village and watch their condition. They love the attention that they are receiving.

Even after receiving enough popularity; their family has been still struggling. They tried to seek help from government but they never came forward.  Even after struggling to do their schedule the twins are happy living their life with positivity.