Why Rajesh Hamal Went to Chandigarh, India With His Wife?

November 13, 2017


Rajesh Hamal is a model and actor of Nepal. He was born on 9th June, 1964 in Tansen, Palpa. He modeled for an Indian magazine Fashion Net in 1985 for the first time. He has worked in more than 180 Nepali movies and a Pakistani movie. He is also a gold medalist in English literature. He got married with Madhu Bhattarai in the year 2014 after a long relationship.


Rajesh Hamal was debuting in Nepali film industry from the movie Bhagya Rekha. However, another actor replaced him from the movie after shooting for few days. After that, he signed Yug Dheki Yug Samma, which became his debut movie. This movie established him as one of the popular actors of Nepali film industry. Some of his popular movies are Deuta, Chatyang, Aparadh, Sadak, Simana, Shankar, Basanti, Chadani, Dhuk Dhuki and others.


Rajesh Hamal is currently in a Chandigarh for a program. Madhu Bhattarai Hamal also attended the program with Rajesh Hamal. In the video, we can clearly see people cheering for Rajesh Hamal when he reached the place. The people were frequently chanting his name.


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