Willpower important to bring about changes in short span of time, PM Prachanda says

April 14, 2017


Kathmandu, April 14: Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal 'Prachanda' has said that the load-shedding has been completely ended, the annual economic growth rate has reached around 6.5 per cent for the first time in the last 25 years and Singhadurbar-centric rights have been taken to the grassroots levels after the formation of the current government under his leadership. 

Making public his government's major achievements obtained under his leadership after his election to the post of the Prime Minister on August 3, 2016, Prime Minister Dahal said that the government has paid attention on the implementation of the new constitution to ensure its broader acceptability, restructuring of the state, management of the transition and post-earthquake reconstruction tasks. 

Unveiling the list of the major achievements on Friday, the Prime Minister said that the government has been getting success on its major target. 

The PM clarified that the incumbent government has become successful to end the load shedding across the nation under the 'Bright Nepal Campaign' to resolve the energy problem. 

The Prime Minister said, "We have proved that we can do something in a short period if we have willpower and determination. A message has been disseminated that change is possible on our own if there is political commitment, managerial skill and honesty." 

Saying the incumbent was successful to stop the trend of begging the construction task of the hydropower projects even after acquiring the license and dillydallying to carry out the construction tasks, PM Prachanda said that an environment conducive has been created to make remarkable progress in the energy sector within a short span of time. 

Prime Minister Dahal shared the information that a large scale of water reservoir-based projects have been forwarded with the investment of Nepalis under 'Nepal's Water People's Investment' programme. 

He further said that total indicators of the country's economy are on positive path, the country was able to achieve high economic growth rate and witnessed the lowest inflation in the 12 years. 

The PM mentioned that the government from its first day made arrangements to file application form through online to those willing to fly abroad for overseas employment to make the services provided by the state effective. 

According to the PM, the government has initiated temporary life insurance to the migrant workers and aspirants for their security while the compensation amount has been increased by Rs 2 million making the total amount Rs 2.7 million, and the provision to renew the insurance policy has been made compulsory, benefitting a total of 5 million Nepalis migrant workers. 

Likewise, the trend of government doctors working in the private hospitals instead of the government ones has been made systematic and online service and expansion of the branch offices is made to end the sufferings faced by the general public in the transport sector. 

The Prime Minister also shared that Language Commission has been formed while the High Court and offices of the Government Attorney are established in the provinces. 

Likewise, the grant amount given to the quake affected families is made Rs 300,000 from Rs 100,000 of the past and the government has started to distribute relief amount to the quake-affected communities in 17 districts as well besides to those from the 14 severely-hit districts. 

Furthermore, PM Dahal said that the households in Banke, Bardiya, Dang and Surkhet districts affected from the floods and inundations in 2071 BS have already received Rs 800 million in the first lost out of Rs 2.98 billion being allocated for them. The relief amount to the flood victims is equal to those quake-affected households. 

The Prime Minister also said that the term of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission and the Commission on Enforced Disappeared Persons is extended by one more year and the drafts of the related Acts are being prepared. 
PM Dahal said that the process has started, as per earlier decision to this effect, to distribute additional Rs 500,000 each to the family of those killed and disappeared during the Maoist's decade-long insurgency by both the sides-- the state and the rebels. 

The PM informed that under-construction national pride projects were being sped up and would be completed while taking pride in government's decision to build Kathmandu-Tarai fast track with country's own investment. 

He also added that the Postal Highway that was halted earlier for various reasons has been started at a high speed while saying arrangements have been made to provide electricity and drinking water to the landless squatters by removing the earlier provision for them to produce land ownership certificate to get such facilities. 

Dahal said 'the Government for the Poor' campaign has been approved for the implementation and preparations had been made to distribute identity cards to poor families. 

He also said the government declared two persons martyr—Gobinda Gautam and Basudev Sah—who were killed in firings by security force of India along the border in Kanchanpur and Morang in different dates and decided to provide one million rupees each to the family of the deceased in compensation. RSS 

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