Women around Nepal from the eyes of a foreigner

February 3, 2019


Women smile in their bright colored dresses along the streets of Kathmandu and all around Nepal, from the crowded capital city where life is busy and roads are dusty and noisy, to the peaceful villages of the Himalayan regions where the sun rises in a cold winter painting the top of the mountains in pink and red.

There is a seamstress in Kalanki, part of Kathmandu, sitting in front of her sewing machine in her small shop, ready to start working with meticulous precision. At the local market nearby the trafficked road a woman is arranging vegetables on a piece of cloth.

Not far from there, at the bottom of the stairway to Swayambhunath – the so-called Monkey Temple – a woman is selling flowers to be donated as gift to the Gods, once visitors reach the top. In Boudhanath, under the eyes of the monumental giant Buddha, the old temple guardian receives money from the people who stop there to pray. In the liveliest district of Kathmandu, Thamel, decorated with flags and crowded with people and full of three-wheeled bicycles, two women are serving street food on dishes made of leaves.

These above are not enough examples where women are doing different jobs for their livelihood. Down to the jungle of the Southern Terai region, a woman is taking care of her goats in Chitwan, where wild animals like elephants, rhinos, crocodiles and tigers are loved and people live of farming and agricultural activities.

Up to the Northern regions, in the mountains of the Annapurna Range, along the stretch to Poon Hill, three Sherpa-women are carrying hay on their shoulders using a piece of cloth to fix the heavy loads on their head.

A girl is taking care of her younger brother near the village of Ghorepani. A picture of Love – as written in the woolen hat of the kid – from one of my last days in this beautiful, colored, friendly, smiling and loving country, where joy is felt in the people you meet and beauty is found in the things you see, where you are at home, even if far away. As local people would say: Namaste, Nepal.

(Rossolini is a student doing photojournalism internship with internship Nepal)